Simon Patmore

Brisbane QLD

As an elite athlete in Para-Sports, it was a challenge to find a skilled therapist to tailor a sporting treatment whilst accommodating for my physical disability. Kristy’s unique therapy has been consistent over the last 4 years where she has helped me maintain my body at an optimum level in preparation for international competitions.


Paralympian Bronze Medalist

Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist

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Kristy has been my regular remedial massage , dry needling and sports taping theripst for almost 4 years now. I spent years trying different theripts and then found Kristy who gives me instant results with my back condition, which gets me through my busy week. I have worked for 23 years in the media lifting heavy equipment, travelling the world and sitting in meetings and at the computer screen. Having Kristy help me manage my work and fitness health is a huge relief. I have just completed my first Gold Coast Marathon 42 km run in 4 hours and 39 mins with the help of Kristy working on my injured foot prior to the race. Having someone that I trust that has a broad knowleage in her industry makes me feel confident to recomend her services. 

Craig Dyer

Brisbane Qld

I discovered Kristy after having my second child 3 and a half years ago. I have regular remedial massage on my neck, back and arms. Kristy makes me feel relaxed and at ease with her treatment. She talks me through any thing new and also spends the time explaining things that I could do at home to help with my management. I created my own small business 12 years ago doing hair, makeup, teaching at a fashion school and now photoshoot production in the fashion industry. Kristy has taught me about my posture and keeping my shoulders down, which has been so helpful in my job and as a mother.     

Kirsty Norton

Brisbane QLD

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